Autel MaxiScan MS309 OBDII/OBD2 Diagnostic Fault Code Reader


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Most vehicles manufactured after 2000 are OBDII/OBD2 (second generation On-Board Diagnostics) compliant. This change has therefore created a need for tools, like the Autel MS309, to retrieve the diagnostic information for these newer vehicles. If a problem is identified, the vehicle’s ECU turns on the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) – or the “Check Engine” light – to warn the driver. Furthermore, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) which identifies the source of the fault will also be stored on the ECU.

The Autel MS309 OBDII code reader is the perfect tool for retrieving important repair information from your vehicle. The MaxiScan® MS309 CAN OBD II/EOBD Code Reader provides DIYers and professionals alike easy and quick access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes and their definitions on most OBDII compliant vehicles. The Autel MS309 will consequently save you a considerable amount of money in unnecessary repairs through identifying the problem straight away. Once the necessary repair or service has been completed, the Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) can be erased from the ECU, and the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) reset.


Autel MS309 Features:

  • Stand-alone handheld diagnostic tool for reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to determine the cause of the Check Engine Light ( MIL)
  • Reads and clears Generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and Manufacturer Specific (P1, P3, and U1) diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Turn off the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), clear codes and reset monitors
  • Displays DTC definitions on the screen
  • View freeze frame data
  • Display monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)
  • Retrieves the vehicle’s VIN(Vehicle Identification No.) on select vehicles that support OBDII Mode 9
  • Determines the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status (ON/OFF)
  • Crystal Clear Back-lit LCD display featuring two rows of data
  • Unit includes a generously long OBDII/OBD2 cable allowing connection to compliant vehicles’ OBD2 port which not only allows for communication of information, but also provides power to the unit.

Benefits of the Autel MS309:

  • Very easy to use.
  • No batteries needed as it’s powered via the OBD II cable.
  • Easy to read back-lit LCD display screen.
  • Stand-alone unit with no need for any additional devices
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests: Generic DTCs, Pending DTCs and Manufacturer Specific DTCs
  • Keeps your engine in good condition through regular inspections, thus minimising costly future repairs
  • Helps to identify potential problems with a used vehicle before buying or selling
  • Saves time and money on repairs; find out what’s wrong prior to repairing, and verify that mechanical problems have been rectified after servicing


Package contents:

1 x Autel Maxiscan MS309 OBDII/OBD2 Diagnostic Fault Code (DTC) reader tool
1 x English user manual


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