Delphi DS150E Professional OBDII Diagnostic Tool


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The Delphi DS150E all system diagnostic tool is a professional universal all-systems diagnostic tool for most car and truck makes. It enables comprehensive diagnosis of all available ECU control systems present on a vehicle, allowing for diagnostic fault codes (DTCs) to be read, and then cleared once faults have been rectified. Component activation, ECU coding, parameter adjustments and component configuration can be performed on select models and makes. Separate software for cars and heavy duty vehicles (trucks and vans) allow for a wide coverage of supported vehicles. Brand specific diagnostic can be performed on a total of 47 car brands, and 37 heavy duty vehicle brands. Generic EOBD/OBDII scans can also be performed on many other vehicles (only supports engine diagnosis).

The following include some of the many systems that diagnosis can be performed on:

  • Engine
  • Generic EOBD/OBDII Scan
  • Fuel System
  • Gearbox (Transmission)
  • Airbag (SRS)
  • ABS
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Climate Control
  • Central Body
  • Chassis
  • Immobiliser
  • Infotainment Centre
  • Light system
  • Power Steering

Functions of the DS150E:


  1. Read & erase diagnostic fault codes (DTCs) of all control systems(Petrol & Diesel Engine Management, ABS, Instrument cluster, Climate control, Gearbox, Immobiliser, Airbag (SRS), Multifunction including: Central Body, Central Locking, Convenience Systems, Chassis, Infotainment, Lights, Navigation, Seats, TPMS)
  2. View, graph and record live data
  3. Run actuation tests on certain components through the “Component Activation” function
  4. Perform coding, parameter adjustments and component configuration on select vehicles
  5. Intelligent System Scan (ISS) allows a complete comprehensive scan of all present and accessible control systems linked to the vehicle’s ECU/ECMs
  6. Full Vehicle Information tree to view what systems can be scanned for different vehicles, and what functions can be performed
  7. Perform Service Light Reset (SLR) and Service Interval Reset, including BMW condition based service reset and Fiat Stilo, VAG. Audi A6, A8 / VW Passat, Electronic Handbrake, piston reset for before and after brake service Mercedes E Class (211/230), de-activation and activation of SBC (brake-by-wire) brake system, so that brakes can be serviced


Features of the Delphi DS150E:


FLIGHT RECORDER: With the flight recorder function, parameters can be recorded in real time while driving. Highlight and save detected errors with the touch of a button for further investigation of the faults at a later stage. The DS150E unit is equipped with an SD Card slot for recording data without a connection to a PC.

VOLTAGE CHECK:  When the DS150 is connected to the vehicle, the unit determines the battery voltage of the vehicle and automatically adjusts itself to the vehicle’s voltage level of 12 or 24 volts.

CHASSIS NUMBER VIN: In the CARS software, the VIN function ensures that the right model and year is automatically selected by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Intelligent System Scan (ISS): a comprehensive scan through all the available systems present in the vehicle, and displays the fault codes that are stored in each system. This feature ensures a time-friendly overview of the vehicle’s status, and individual systems can be viewed to analyse the results in more detail.


*The type and depth of diagnosis on certain vehicles is dependent on the vehicle itself, what systems it has, and what functions it allows.

*The VCI requires a connection to a Windows PC with the software installed


Package Contents:


1 X DS150E VCI Diagnostic Unit

1 X Software CD 2015.3 (not updatable)

1 X USB cable

1 X Installation manual

Type of Connection

USB, Bluetooth & USB


Connectivity Bluetooth & USB Available
Coverage Car and Heavy duty vehicles
Diagnostic Functions
Engine Yes
Transmission Yes
Airbag (SRS) Yes
Service Interval Reset Yes
All other avail. systems Yes
Injector Coding Dependent on Vehicle make
Adjustments Dependent on vehicle
Key Coding No
OBD1 Support Yes, with adapters
Software Updatable? No
Requirements Windows XP, 7,8 & 10
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